Shirakami Woods


The electronic band Shirakami Woods gathers under the concept of "A Clear Sensation Beyond Visibility".

The word Shirakami means white god in Japanese, and I represented the image of a tree in the forest, spreading upwards like the branches and entwined roots, as a supportive foundation for growth. Due to its horizontal length, it can serve as a sturdy ground to support anything placed on top. The symbol captures the essence of 'moss,' freely growing, intertwining, and clustering, while emphasising a sense of unity as a cohesive 'entity.' It reflects the diverse forms of music sharing the ecosystem in Shirakami Forest, maintaining their unique characters, and evoking a sense of self-sustainability and symbiosis. The form originates from the characters in 'Shirakami' (白神) but undergoes abstraction, combination, and separation in the middle, resembling a solid mountainous terrain.

Commissioned by Shirakami Woods

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