Smalls’ Studio Logo design


'Smalls’ Studio' not only conveys the meaning of a small person's studio, but it holds a more significant emphasis on the philosophy of valuing small and trivial actions.

In 'Smalls’ Studio,' I noticed the inclusion of three 's' characters has a notable balance. Considering the possibility that these 's' characters, starting from 'small' and gradually growing, could unfold a slightly different narrative, I tried the potential for a story where small things come together (small), create innovation (spark), ultimately radiate light (shine), aligns to the studio's philosophy of small elements creating something new, and these elements coming together to produce something substantial.

Contemplating the smallest unit, the quark, I designed three circles coming together to create a musical form (wave) or the sensation of something new emerging. Emphasising the 'intersection,' 'innovation,' and 'balance' when the three circles come together, I combined logotype and symbol in the subsequent sketches.

Commissioned by Smalls’ Studio

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