The annual Seoul National University (SNU) Design Department Graduation Exhibition, held every winter, provides a platform for students majoring in Visual Communication Design and Industrial Design to showcase their individual works prepared throughout the year. Since 2018, SNU Design Department has organised the graduation exhibition under the name "SNU DESIGN WEEK," along with workshops, talk concerts, and diverse events.

The <2020 SNU DESIGN WEEK> brings together 36 enthusiastic design students to host the exhibition. Through our collective action, symbolised by the sound "DoDoDoDo," derived from the action of "Do" that each of us has steadily accumulated during our journey, we strive to break through the unprecedented circumstances of 2020 with a proactive spirit.

As the team leader of the promotion team responsible for exhibition promotion and social media management, and as a member of the design team in charge of exhibition identity and overall design, I have been actively involved as a part of the Graduation Exhibition Preparation Committee for one year.


Collaborative project
Exhibition Comittee,
Design Team/Promotion Team

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