Through The Lens
Research / Editorial / Book 


The global popularity of Korean dramas has attracted a diverse international audience, making their portrayal of female characters significant on a worldwide scale (Kang, 2005). This project aims to explore the interplay between popular culture, graphic design, and social commentary, recognising the influence of Korean dramas and their capacity to shape perceptions of women’s roles or archetypes (Chung, 2022). Through a comprehensive analysis of Korean dramas and their implications, this project also seeks to contribute to a deeper understanding of female life and the representation of female characters in contemporary Korean society.

This project represents the convergence of popular culture, graphic design, and social commentary, offering insights into the influence of cultural discourse and social transformation for audiences not only in Korea but also globally, particularly for those who like Korean culture and popular media.This project takes the form of a book with bookmarks, exploring the representation and reflection of female characters in Korean dramas and their connection to the real statistics of contemporary Korean society. The bookmarks enable the audience to compare and follow scenes in the book, allowing them to actively engage with the content and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Major Project for MA Graphic Media Design

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