This project explores the limitations of the grid system on Instagram. It investigates the two-dimensional framework of the app’s concept in the 3D world to align and lay out design elements divided into three different languages. The aim is to break through and create within these restrictions, utilising the grid’s individual components in ways that can catch the eye, create a user flow, and make information and visuals more appealing and accessible to audiences.

We used three main methods: volume of the cubes, light, and  shadow. On a flat surface, we could experiment with physical 3D cubes to see them from different angles. Additionally, by using flash lights, we could make abstract shadows. If you look at one feed on Instagram, you might not know what it is, but if you see the whole feed, then you can find out what it is. As a result of these experiments, we would like to show how we can use the restrictions of Instagram as an attractive tool to show images.


Collaborative project

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